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How to design an indoor children's playground to achieve profitability?
The design concept of a theme children's park often plays a decisive role in the development of the park. Creating a unique theme children's park creates an attractive theme atmosphere and gives customers a refreshing feeling at a glance so that children can come and play without hesitation. So how should a theme children's park be designed to achieve such an effect?
Properly create space

First of all, the design concept of the park must have an overall view, be able to summarize the environment and spatial form, and comprehensively consider the functionality, artistry and other elements of the park. Only when different elements cooperate with each other can they form an orderly whole, so that the space environment of the park can be fully Use it to better serve the theme presentation. For example, ocean theme and castle theme are completely different types of parks. Therefore, plants, buildings and other contents can be used to create the environment and space, and a more suitable environment can be created according to the theme.

Do a good job in diversion management

Usually a theme children's park will have many functional areas, and the projects in each functional area are also different, and the number of children participating in them is also different. Therefore, it is a basic principle to create different functional areas according to different needs. Remember that it must be in line with children’s play psychology in order to better attract young people. In the design of the park, special attention should be paid to diversion and management. Only by reasonably matching site items to separate adults and children can we achieve better results.

Properly arrange tour routes

The tour route of the theme children's park has the functions of guiding, playing and walking. It is like a huge network that reasonably connects all project areas into a whole. In addition, the design of the main entrance of the square is also very critical. It is the distribution center for tourists and the starting point for traffic in the theme children's park. It is also the image symbol of the park, so it is necessary to pay attention to the eye-catching effect of the design.

Set up the story scene

Most children like popular cartoon characters very much. Cartoon stories commonly used in children's parks are used as a starting point to create cartoon characters, so that the protagonists in the stories accompany each child to have a happy park experience and gain happiness. Properly shaping exclusive commercial images, IP mascots, theme projects, and theme stories are important manifestations of the park's brand value and play an extremely important role in the park's long-term development.
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