Mar.2024 08
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IFUN PARK In 2024 Dubai Deal
As a game exhibition in the industry, the Dubai exhibition is an important exhibition for us to promote newly developed equipment and brand awareness. We also hope that through this exhibition, more people will know IFUN PARK and better understand our products.
Whether it is setting up an exhibition or participating in an exhibition, we will make the best preparations, IFUN PARK is attending the 2024 Dubai Deal in March.

This is the booth design, which we will show to our customers.

Have arrived Dubai, start to install.

Time for installation is limited, this time we bring soft playground to attend, it will take time to install but IFUN Team is doing our best to install all. Tired but Happy, all is deserved.

Over Night Work

Finish installation, this time we bring our newest arcade game machines: Mech shooter, Super wings, Mech Power air hockey, and our soft playground sample to show our customers. The soft playground has beautiful light slides, projector game, climbing and so on. Customers can check the materials we use, and our exquisite craftsmanship.

The effect of the exhibition was very good. Many customers were attracted by our new game machines and soft playground, and we also provided many new ideas for their amusement game center.
We look forward to meeting our friends again at the 2025 exhibition.
At the same time, we also welcome our customers and friends to come to China and visit our factory directly.
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