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IFUN PARK in Canton Fair is in full swing
The Canton Fair is Asia's largest exhibition, with tens of thousands of companies participating. It has the largest and most extensive product display and is also the longest-running exhibition. People can always discover new products and business opportunities at this exhibition. IFUN PARK also participated in this exhibition, hoping that more people can learn about the game arcade business. An investment with great potential.
The 135th Spring Canton Fair officially opened on the 15th. At our booth,
customers can see our latest machines, which also stimulates people's
interest in the gaming industry. The current foreign game industry is still a
sunrise industry. There are many children and young people, but the places
for entertainment are still limited. A game center will create a paradise for
local people, a place where they can enjoy their free time and vent their daily
stress. , people can gain happiness and at the same time drive local
economic consumption.

For kids, they like soft playground, trampoline, ninja course, roly play
house, where they spend their energy, and the environment is safe for them,
for soft playground, usually are very colorful and has a theme, It can
promote children's color perception ability and also exercise their body
coordination. In addition, it can also broaden children's social scope and
they can get to know more children of the same age. Role play house can
stimulate children's imagination and create children's fairy tale world.

Kids, teenagers and young people, they like ninja course, trampoline and
adventure park, which is exciting and challenging.These programs,
obviously, are very stimulating and extremely adrenaline-boosting. They
release stress while jumping and enjoy the thrill of adventure at high

Of course, a comprehensive game center will also have a lot of video game
equipment, racing, shooting, sports, children's swing machines, etc. A
comprehensive game center is more attractive because it is suitable for all
ages and is also suitable for families. A must-choice place!!!

Are you also in Canton Fair now? highly welcome to visit us, we are in Hall
6.0 Booth 10E. 

We will help you to know more about gaming business.

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