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Indoor Soft Playground Design Principles
In an indoor children's playground, what is more important is a comfortable and safe play structure. Ultimately, the fun of visitors will determine consumption.
In the entire indoor playground, indoor playground design is the most important and even plays a critical role. For children with an expanded sense of social interaction, growing and exploring the environment in complex entertainment structures can be a threatening place. If a child who is 6 years younger encounters bullying from a child who is 8 years older than him, plus crawling on pipes or one-way grids for a long time, this may cause the child to develop anxiety, so it is necessary to design comfortable and comfortable Safe indoor children's playground.
The following principles can be followed in the design of indoor children's playgrounds:

1. Visibility of emergency passages and exits is essential

2. The height and layout of the rope net

3. Children of suitable age

4. Space comfort

5. Limitation and control of crowd flow

6. Create multiple game modes

7. The placement of equipment and factors such as color, light, shadow, sun exposure, and wind must be taken into consideration. Another important factor is the color of the venue. The impact of color on children is obvious. Bright and pleasant colors will bring children happy emotions.

8. Ground material protection, ground protection must be consistent with the game facilities in the area. The protective ground can be sand, safety mats, or wood chips, but it must be thick enough to slow down the impact.

It is worth mentioning that the design of indoor children's playgrounds must closely follow children's fun, safety and other aspects. In playgrounds, some targeted activity combinations can be designed and laid out to allow children of different ages to participate, and what operators really do At this point, bringing children a comfortable gaming experience means that more children will be attracted and become consumers of indoor children's playgrounds, and even long-term consumers are not a problem.

Last but not least, an attractive indoor children's playground should be a safe, fun and stimulating play area, which is very important for children's own development. Promoting physical activity through a variety of facilities or stimulating the senses through sounds, lights and graphics are ways to induce learning in children. A variety of materials, patterns, colors and shapes guide children to explore, which will be more beneficial to the design and planning of the playground.
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