Dec.2023 23
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Little Tips for Soft Playground
Provide some suggestions to soft playground operators to better build a kids playground that meets their expectations and help with daily operations

1. It is recommended to open the children's playground around the community, where the customer base and density are large;

2. With the same rent, the location can be slightly biased, but it should be larger;

3. The membership mechanism should be flexible and reduce the cost of a single play. The purpose is to have a large number of children come to play, to be popular, and children love to be lively

4. Demarcate areas according to children’s age groups (to prevent older children from hurting younger children, and secondly, small and large children have different play interests);

5. Cleanliness, hygiene, and disinfection records should be conspicuous, so that customers feel that hygiene is more important than actual hygiene;

6. Add or reduce items according to the seasons, such as adding or removing inflatable swimming pools in summer and baking crafts in winter;

7. You can rent expensive toys, or you can cooperate with other stores to exchange toys with each other and reduce costs.
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