Oct.2023 06
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Funny Soft Playground
An introduction of 680sqm soft playground, to make people have an ideal for a fun soft playground
This soft playground is divided into three independent areas, where players can enjoy different fun.
The first area is the football area and the bicycle area, where children can enjoy running football and
riding bicycles.

The second area is a soft playground with many functions. There are various types of slides, large
slides, grass slides, spiral slides, gun shots, various obstacle passages, and a variety of ways to
play. You will never get tired of playing it.

Then the last area is the trampoline area, which has zip lines, rock climbing, Russian turntable
trampolines, ninja tracks, and Olympic trampolines, allowing players to enjoy different jumping

This design is very rich in gameplay, and the color combination is also gorgeous and eye-catching.
If you have a naughty castle project, welcome to consult us. We provide professional design and
create an exclusive entertainment center for you.

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