IFUN PARK Year-end Party
As 2023 came to an end, IFUN PARK held the 2023 company year-end party on February 2, 2024 to summarize 2023 and look forward to 2024.
How to design an indoor children's playground to achieve profitability?
The design concept of a theme children's park often plays a decisive role in the development of the park. Creating a unique theme children's park creates an attractive theme atmosphere and gives customers a refreshing feeling at a glance so that children can come and play without hesitation. So how should a theme children's park be designed to achieve such an effect?
How to Improve the Service Quality in Kids Playground
In the fiercely competitive kids game center market, improving image and service has become a key factor in operations. To achieve differentiation, increase added value and stabilize revenue, Kids playground must improve its service level.
Let Us Know More About Soft Playground
Soft playground is a soft toy that makes it easier for children to operate their hands, improves hand-eye coordination and imagination, and allows them to creatively construct various shapes. Soft toys can satisfy children's mysterious psychology, help stabilize emotions and improve attention, develop the brain and body muscles, increase knowledge, structure and application abilities through games, and provide children with a platform for learning and growth.
Soft Playground in Kindergarten
n order to enrich children's life in kindergarten, soft playgrounds are no longer exclusive to playgrounds. Many kindergartens have also gradually introduced them. Under the guidance of teachers, children can play happily and educate through entertainment, so that children can get good physical and mental health to develop.
How to design an inclusive indoor playground
Playgrounds are exciting places where children can freely use their imaginations and experience the joy of unstructured play. Playgrounds also help children develop social skills and participate in physical activities, promoting emotional and physical health. Children have a wide range of physical and cognitive needs that are sometimes not considered in regular playgrounds.
Features of IFUN PARK to Design the Soft Playground
IFUN PARK specializes in creating indoor playgrounds that are safe, reliable, and crafted from high-quality materials. Our indoor playgrounds are designed to provide a safe haven where children can explore, learn, and grow.
Little Tips for Soft Playground
Provide some suggestions to soft playground operators to better build a kids playground that meets their expectations and help with daily operations
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